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I fell through the window and saw the sky come to life. Cannons shot fireworks from the hill and gave the moon its light. A girl danced on the sidewalk with her hands down in front of her and tied by rope but her smile reflected the glow of the sky. I gave her a piece of the window and told her to look inside, but she refused by looking at her wrist. She was saying now was not the time. Another explosion from down the road gave light to the stars. I went to exclaim how wondrous they are at this hour, but she silenced me with the touch of her fingertips against my lips. Her hands were as cold as diamonds left in the hills and frost grew from her heart and down my arms.  The stars continued sparkling above us as if they were keeping time or they were a bomb counting down to the end.  The cold was causing my lips to bleed but the girl was no longer there to remove her touch. She had disappeared somewhere in the silence when I was not looking. I was left alone to witness the eruption of the night, stars falling like broken glass in pieces around my feet. I went to pick one up to offer to the rising Sun for forgiveness but each piece seemed to move then wilt away.

"It is the Silence. It is killing them. It is the Silence. It is killing them. It is the Silence. It is killing them. It is the Silence. It is killing them. It is the Silence. It is killing them. It is the Silence. It is killing them." And the voice rested and all became still as life tried to recall what living was.

I could not remember. I could not remember the stars or the moon. I could not remember the fireworks or the side walk. I could not remember dancing or the little girl. I could not remember.

All was lost in a moment and the world remained still. No one could remember.

I felt my pockets and took out a match. I made flame and set the world on fire. I gave light to the sun but no one will witness the act.  A beginning needs an end so a new beginning can grow in its place. The Universe works in Spirals so that everyone knows their exact location. I gave life to the sun so we would not be forgotten even as we are already lost in flame and in silence.
One of the poems that helped me win the Grady's! A great honor for an English major at my college. :heart:

My english teacher commented on this asking if I had visions because it was so vivid. tehehe'

Not quite sure what the category should be for this. yay for prose poetry!
DreamerzSonata7 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
This piece just stunned me. Your imagery is phenomenal, and the structure is really unique.
This piece....

Just wow.
Stephanie911turbo Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2010
wow... this one had me quiet for a good 5 mins... :) i absolutely love it
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February 14, 2010
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